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Since Total Quality Management (TQM) was implemented in 1984, XIZICE has established a complete boiler and pressure vessel quality management system and corresponding system documents, and maintained its normal and effective operation. It now holds the internationally accepted ASME Power Boiler (S) and Pressure Vessel (U, U2) product steel stamps and authorization certificates, Grade A boiler manufacturing permit - the highest level in China, the Grade A1+A2 pressure vessel design and manufacturing permit issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, and the ISO9001 quality management system certificate of Germany TüV. To ensure the continuous effectiveness of the quality management system, XIZICE takes external audit from the second and third party and internal audit every year. 


XIZICE has cooperated with famous international companies such as MITSUBISHI, KAWASAKI and MHI from Japan, ALSTOM from France, AHLSTROM from Finland, OSCHATZ and SHG from Germany, DAVY and R.R from the UK, NEM and SFL from Holland, CMI from Belgium, and GE from the United States, the quality assurance system obtained unanimous acceptance and appraisal by the cooperation partners. The quality management capability of the Company has been continually improved and upgraded in the cooperation with these big companies.


The Company has a complete quality assurance and supervision system, the quality assurance department is independent from other departments, free from interference in production and operation, and directly under the leadership of the General Manager. The Quality Assurance Department consist of four departments: the Quality Management Center, Inspection Department, NDT Detection Center and Test Center. The quality management center is the supervision and management center for the operation of the Company quality management system. The inspection Department is mainly in charge of quality control and product quality inspection in the whole process of product manufacturing. The NDT Detection center is mainly in charge of non-destructive testing of products, including radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and penetrant testing etc. The test center is mainly in charge of the measurement management and physical and chemical testing in the Company. The NDT detection center and test center also have the qualification to undertake testing for other entities. The QA Department now has over 140 employees, including 10 with medium and senior rank technical titles. 


The Company has first-class inspection and testing equipment, with complete and advanced testing methods. There are 170 sets of important testing equipment, including 6MV electronic linear accelerator, 420 kVA X-ray flaw detector and other types of portable X-ray flaw detectors, radioactive source testing equipment (Co60, Ir192 and Se75), direct reading spectrometer, and boiler product performance testing equipment at the advanced level in Zhejiang Province: 1x100t microcomputer-controlled tester, 1xCarl Zeiss metallographic microscope made in Germany, 1xautomatic microcomputer-controlled impaction tester, 1x200t pressure tester, 1 set of high temperature tensile test apparatus, and 1 field metallographic microscope and other new equipment, able to meet all inspection and testing requirements to ensure product quality. 

Adhering to the quality policy of “quality first and customer satisfaction”

XIZICE ensures that the safety, reliability and applicability of all boiler and pressure vessel products meet the standard requirements, and even better than the similar international standards.

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