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Enterprise Culture


  • Enterprise mission

    Better Environment for Humanity.

  • Enterprise vision

    to be a global leading clean energy equipment
    and solution provider.

  • Core value and concept

    Customer Focus and striver oriented, adhere to innovation driven,
    Sustained transformation and development.

  • Business philosophy

    We strive to create what customers need.

Enterprise mission

Enterprise vision

Core value and concept

Business philosophy

Striver Culture

In response to General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping's call that "the new era is the era of strivers" and "happiness comes from striving", Xizi has promoted the construction of a "striver oriented" cultural system in the enterprise and is the first enterprise in China to hold the "919 Striver Festival" on September 19, 2020.

In the first Striving Festival, Xizi invited the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, known as the "First Symphony Orchestra of the Far East", to hold a special performance for the company's model workers in the Xizi Concert Hall, encouraging employees to work hard and strive forward for the prosperity and strength of the country, for the healthy development of the enterprise and for their own well-being life.

At the second Striver Festival, Xizi invited the strivers to enjoy a wine party at five-star hotel named Lvcheng Lanzun . 

Craftsman Spirit

Overview of craftsman spirit

Craftsmanship spirit is a serious attitude towards work and a dedicated spirit, which is not only a way of doing things but also an attitude, behind which there is a deeper philosophy and way of life. People with craftsmanship spirit will gain recognition and respect from the outside world thanks to their professionalism and focus, and thus always maintain their dignity.

Xizi has been focusing on cultivating craftsmen for enterprises and supplying high-skilled talents for "Great Country Craftsman ". Since 2012, Xizi has continued to hold the "Xizi United Olympic Skills Competition", which has driven tens of thousands of workers to do drilling of vocational skill , and more than 100 outstanding skilled workers have obtained national vocational qualification certification through the competition.

Xizi is the cradle of cultivating craftsman and model workers.

6 national model workers,8 provincial and ministerial model workers,3 national May 1st Labor Medal winners,6 provincial and ministerial advanced production workers,15 municipal-level model workers,7 municipal-level chief technician,35 municipal-level advanced production workers ,5 provincial and municipal "occupational skill leaders",179 other model workers,14 provincial and municipal "Craftsman" titles,25 provincial chief technicians.