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Coke Dry Quenching HRSG

In the iron and steel coking field, CDQ HRSG is one of the key components in the complete set of CDQ process equipment. Since the 1980s when XIZICE (formerly HBG) designed and manufactured the first CDQ HRSG with coke quenching capacity of 75t/h for Baosteel as the first in China, it has formed a full series of products with quenching capacity of 75t/h-260t/h and multiple parameter natural circulation and forced circulation types, and completed the design and manufacturing for the first set of all types of medium temperature and medium pressure, secondary high temperature and secondary high pressure, high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and ultra-high pressure and double pressure parameters. The products greatly increased the power generation efficiency while meeting the environmental protection standards of the state through technological upgrading. By September 2019, XIZICE had produced a total of over 160 CDQ HRSG, with market share over 60%, and the market share of dual-pressure type and ultrahigh pressure type reached 100%.