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Zero-carbon Factory

XIZICE Zero-carbon Smart Energy Center is based on photovoltaic, molten salt energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen fuel cell and other new energy as the core. Through the “smart” brain, a variety of new energy and energy storage technologies are organically integrated to provide electricity, cooling, heat, compressed air and other power, as a real “zero-carbon factory”.Photovoltaic power generation: the project adopts rooftop distributed photovoltaic, and has demonstrated the application of perovskite, heterojunction and other cell technologies. The photovoltaic installed capacity is 6MWp, generating power of 5.3 million kWh annually, while Xizi Shibirui Factory consumes about 5 million kWh of electricity annually, thus realizing a real “zero carbon factory”.Energy storage technologies: the projects cover physical energy storage technology (molten salt energy storage) and electrochemical energy storage technology (liquid flow cell). With molten salt energy storage technology, the valley electricity is stored in hot molten salt, and then generates steam in the steam generator to meet the energy demand of the enterprise for the whole day. It uses molten salt of 250T, producing steam at 36t/d, able to supply steam over 10000t annually; liquid flow cell energy storage can achieve peak shaving on user side, with liquid flow cell power of 100kW at capacity of 400kWh, and annual power storage of 280,000 kWh.Hydrogen fuel cell: the project has also demonstrated the new high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells of “Z-Etech Energy”.


The zero-carbon factory model is a typical demonstration of green manufacturing, which is of vital importance in the comprehensive energy management and utilization in the future society. The construction and popularization of Xizi Zero-carbon Smart Energy Center will promote the carbon emission reduction process in China, and help achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.