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New Service for Smart Energy

The maintenance teams of XIZICE make use of the world-leading Internet of Things technology and integrates all host devices over the Internet via supercomputers and big data cloud computing platform, to perform management in a more scientific and dynamic way. 


Synchronous dynamic monitoring is realized with professional platforms and mobile APP by data sharing on Internet platforms, enabling the maintenance teams of XIZICE to provide customers with accurate operation guidance in the first time. 


Always adhering to the customer-centered core value, the maintenance teams of XIZICE has built a full set of system digital twin models by means of industrial Internet, big data cloud computation and artificial intelligence with the production operation mechanism as the background, and drives intelligent upgrading of production processes with data, to provide enterprises with digital overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing, digital management and visual operation, with comprehensive effects of safe intelligence, improved efficiency, reduced cost, guaranteed quality and green environment.