R&D Center


Core Technology


  • High temperature steam heat transfer oil heating technology

    It provides a systematic solution for the energy structure transformation and environmental protection upgrading of chemical fiber industry. The “thermal medium energy efficient utilization and ultra-low emission system plant” was praised as the domestic first (set) equipment in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry of Zhejiang Province in 2020.

  • Solar-thermal molten salt heat storage and power generation technology

    Since 2010, XIZICE has been engaged in the research of key heat equipment and systems for solar-thermal power generation technology, including solar heat absorber, molten salt heat storage and steam generation system. Delingha Project in Qinghai has been successfully put into operation as one of the first batch of national demonstration projects. The “key heat equipment and system applicable in the field of solar electric heating and heat transfer with molten salt as heat transfer medium” in this project has been appraised as the domestic first (set) equipment in the key equipment manufacturing sector of Zhejiang Province in 2020 and the first (set) technical equipment in the state energy field of 2021.

  • Technology for high efficiency utilization of waste heat

    XIZICE has developed high efficiency heat transfer spiral fin technology, 100% capacity after-burning technology, vertical natural circulation technology, low load efficiency upgrading technology, and all conditions flue gas denitration operation analysis technology, and developed heat recovery steam generators suitable to all types of gas turbines as backed up by various technologies, among them, “9HA gas turbine HRSG” was appraised as the domestic first (set) equipment in key manufacturing field of Zhejiang Province in 2019.

  • Biomass boiler technology

    XIZICE has successfully developed multi-stage low nitrogen combustion technology, large-caliber water-cooling integrated slag discharge technology, and flue cooling technology, suitable for different types of biomass fuels such as straw, bark, rice husk, and furfural residue. The “130t/h high temperature and ultra-high pressure fully fired biomass boiler with reheat system” is the first biomass boiler in the world that adopts high temperature and ultra-high pressure reheat technology with independent intellectual property rights, and was appraised as the domestic first (set) in the key field of manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Equipment in 2018.

  • CDQ waste heat utilization technology

    To promote the efficient waste heat recovery and utilization in metallurgical industry, XIZICE has independently developed CDQ HRSG technology, which can recover over 80% of red coke sensible heat, this product steadily holds the first place in market share, and was appraised as the national first (set) in key fields of equipment manufacturing in Zhejiang Province in 2014.