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Carbon Capture,Utilization And Storage(CCUS)

After pretreatment, CO₂-enriched flue gas undergoes a series of complex heat and mass transfer processes with the absorbent in the absorber, during which CO₂ combines with the absorbent to form unstable compounds. The CO₂-enriched absorbent is thermally decomposed in the stripper, enabling the regeneration of the absorbent. While the desorption of CO₂ occurs simultaneously, producing high-purity CO₂ products. 


The 150,000 t/a post-combustion CO₂ capture demonstration project of Jinjie of National Energy Group
The largest post-combustion CO₂ capture demonstration project in coal-fired power plants of China
Adopting the technology of Zhejiang University, it passed the 168hrs full load trial operation one time, and was put into commercial operation since July 2021.