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HRSG's in Petrochemical Projects

In 2012, XIZICE (formerly HBG) signed a contract with Ningbo Haiyue New Materials (Ningbo Jinfa) on a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) for the 600kt/a propane dehydrogenation plant, as its first product in the dehydrogenation sector, and it also realized the localization of the equipment successfully. 


With the prosperity of the propane market, more dehydrogenation plants were built in China. In 2017, XIZICE signed a contract on HRSG for the 1.3mt/a propane and iso-butane mixed dehydrogenation plant with Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., marking the start for XIZICE to  open up the petrochemical market systematically! Taking this opportunity, XIZICE made continued efforts in the dehydrogenation sector, and supplied HRSG's for more than ten projects including the 900kt/a propane dehydrogenation plant of Qingdao Jinneng New Materials Company and 600kt/a propane dehydrogenation plant of Formosa Plastics Industry (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., establishing the leading position of XIZICE on the HRSG market for large-scale propane dehydrogenation plants.