Industrial Layout


CFB Boilers

XIZICE (formerly HBG) has over 30 years of experience in CFB boilers, featuring specialized and personalized design, and it serves a wide range of industrial fields: co-generation, paper-making, chemical, and iron and steel; and the products adapt to all kinds of fuels: coal, petroleum coke, biofuel, and municipal wastes.


XIZICE has more than 30 years of CFB design and operation experience, and on this basis, we introduced professional technical personnel having long engaged in the design of large CFB boilers for development and design. We digested and absorbed the large CFB boiler technology in practical operation at home and abroad, and learned the successful operation experience to further develop our products. We are in long-term cooperation with domestic universities, scientific research institutions and foreign boiler manufacturers. We can provide customers at home and abroad with CFB boilers of all pressure levels from 75t/h to 670t/h with advanced technology and excellent quality at the world's advanced level, the quality of our CFB boilers has been well accepted by customers in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and our CFB boilers of 65t/h, 130(150)t/h, 250t/h and 480t/h have been exported worldwide.


The design features of HBG are: tall furnace, membrane water wall, water cooled air distribution plate; high efficiency volute cyclone separator (steam cooled), non-mechanical pant-type return feeder; three pneumatic coal spreaders arranged in front of the furnace; platen superheaters in the furnace, and horizontal tube-shell air preheater.


Our boilers feature stable performance under load, strong overload generating capacity, high reliability, good economic performance, and high efficiency. The boilers can run continuously under rated load for a long time and has 10% overload capacity. The "ash" of the boiler has a low carbon content. "Low raw NOx emissions from boiler flue gas".